I echo what the other 5 stars are saying. I have been to Priority Access at least a half a dozen times for myself, husband and kids. The entire staff took great care of us. This is our clinic for urgent and primary care and me and my family highly recommend Priority Access to anyone looking for a clinic that provides excellent customer service and a staff that cares about their patients. It doesn't hurt that we rarely have to wait to be seen anytime we go to the clinic.

Lisa D.

Wonderful clinic with all the bells and whistles. The staff greeted me and treated me as if I were part of their family. The doctor that saw me and my son was great. Her diagnosis was spot on and the medications did the job. I highly recommend Priority Access Urgent and I will be returning to this clinic as my primary care since they accept primary care patients.

Sherry M.

Very happy to have found Priority Access Urgent Care. They took real good care of me. They were busy, but I was in and out within an hour. The staff was very professional and know how to provide excellent customer service. I highly recommend this clinic.

Stanley B.

I have been to a a couple of other clinics in Lafayette and was treated like a head of cattle. Someone suggested Priority Access Urgent Care and I was not disappointed. Their staff was professional, patient and understanding of my condition and illness. This clinic did everything I expected and then some. I highly recommend Priority Access to anyone needing a first class clinic.

Thomas U.

I found my walk in clinic. This place was wonderful. They were thorough, professional and compassionate. I highly recommend Priority Access Urgent Care to anyone tired of dealing with the other clinics in Lafayette.

Paul V.

This clinic was awesome. I know how busy all the clinics have been in Lafayette, but Priority Access took care of me and my wife. We signed in, and they were very transparent with the wait times. Once our turn was up the clinic called us and we came in. The entire staff was first class! This is now our clinic!!

Willy T.

What a terrific place! The medical team took great care of me, diagnosing me and providing the medication needed to take care of my medical issue. I highly recommend Priority Access Urgent Care. Thank you for providing great customer service.

Paul B.

The clinic staff took their time with me and listened to my concerns. The cost was much more reasonable than I thought it would be, in fact I believe their prices are the lowest in Lafayette. I highly recommend this clinic.

Nanette P.

I travel frequently and my wife and I came into Priority Access for 2 Covid PCR tests and the staff was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable and we got our results 30 minutes later. And after our trip I came into the clinic because I wasn't feeling well. They took great care of me and I highly recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a top notch place.

Joey D.

It appears that Lafayette has a decent number of walk in clinics. But not all of the clinics are decent. I have been to 3 different competitors with big names in Lafayette over the last several years and have always felt like I was a number. I decided to check out Priority Access Urgent Care and have found my clinic for life. This clinic has a lot to offer from a friendly and professional staff who take their time with you, an owner that is always involved at the clinic and takes the time to visit with the patients. Their prices are definitely lower than the big 3 competitors and yet Priority Access offers more for you money than I ever received from the others. I truly recommend this clinic to anyone searching for a great place. Thank you for taking such great care of me and my family!

Barbara H.

Great clinic all the way around. In the past I waited a long time to be seen at 2 different company's clinics in Lafayette. I called Priority Access Urgent Care and even though they had a few people in front of me, I was in and out in less than an hour. I recommend this clinic to everyone! Fast, thorough, professional and very friendly.

Abby L.

I never write reviews but I feel the need to do so in this case. I have been to 2 different competitors of Priority Access Urgent Care and was not pleased on either visit. These places were sloppy, rude and unprofessional. I decided to try Priority Access and they did not disappoint me at all.

They were friendly, fast, very professional and their prices were the best in Lafayette! I have a high deductible plan and unfortunately I have to pay out of pocket on most of my office visits. I highly recommend Priority Access Urgent Care to anyone looking for an awesome urgent care clinic. Thank you for taking care of me and you are my medical clinic for life!!

Sally V.

I have to agree with all the other 5 star posts this clinic is awesome. I registered and was seen and out the door in less than an hour. I was sitting in the lobby of another clinic for over an hour and started to Google other clinics and I found Priority Access Urgent Care right down the street. I am so happy I found them.

I recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a great place for health care. They are very friendly, affordable and you will be seen in a short period of time. This clinic also called to follow up with me the next day to see if I was feeling better. I have never received service like this.

Renee R.

I am thankful for learning of this clinic. Since then, I can honestly say that these guys have earned my business as my Healthcare provider. After visiting these last few months I am fully convinced that this will be my new personal care provider. With their level of consistent service I cannot imagine going anywhere else. The staff and their supportive team have given me the best care in this city. I would recommend Priority to anyone with or without insurance. Whether you need the vaccine or any health-care needs, they can help you.

Courtney T.

Unbelievable experience! I brought my wife to 2 other clinics in town to get a Covid test and it was a joke. Their staffs were rude and so unorganized and we waited too long to be seen, so we looked at Google and found Priority Access Urgent Care and I am so glad we did. This clinic was crowded, but we were in and out in about 30 minutes. The staff was friendly, professional and definitely had their act together.

I highly recommend Priority Access Urgent Care to anyone needing really good medical care or Covid testing. We got our results in less than 15 minutes. This clinic is our new go to clinic for our medical care.

Walter J.

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